Functional lighting inside and outside the hospital buildings, that is the functional lighting except the display of the information such as medical resources, medical guides etc; Peep lighting, that is the lighting for lesion detection and observation; Surgical lighting, which is used to provide high-quality lighting tools during surgery; to provide radiation light sources for disinfection and sterilization; to provide light source for phototherapy and light irradiation therapy therapy; Pathological detection light source, etc.

Lighting plays an important role in the healthcare industry to improve the patient experience and help staff deliver the level of care patients need. LED lighting is not only sustainable, but it can also improve the care environment and reduce costs by saving energy and increasing operational efficiency. LED technology provides a soothing atmosphere for patients and a dynamic work environment for staff.

Take advantage of the cost savings and optimize the healthcare facility environment.

The clever use of ambient lighting makes patients feel relaxed and at ease.

Simulate natural light, let patients sleep at ease, calm the mood, and quickly recover.

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