What is module hardware?

Module hardware refers to a type of hardware component that contains multiple functional units or sub-components integrated into a single unit. It is often used in electronics and computer systems to simplify the design and integration process, reduce costs, and improve performance and reliability.

In the context of IoT, module hardware often refers to embedded modules that include various components such as processors, memory, sensors, communication interfaces, and power management circuits. These modules can be integrated into IoT devices to enable various functionalities and connectivity options.

For example, a module hardware for an IoT device that measures temperature and humidity might include a microcontroller unit, a temperature and humidity sensor, a wireless communication module such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and other necessary components. This module can be integrated into an IoT device to enable remote monitoring and control of temperature and humidity levels.

Module hardware is often preferred in IoT applications due to its compact size, low power consumption, and ease of integration, making it an ideal choice for developing and deploying IoT solutions.

What module hardware solution we provide?

A. Bluetooth module

B. WiFi module

C. 4G cellular module

D. Industrial DTU hardware