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Multi-purpose Lighting Beyond Your Imagination
With the development of the era, the product become more and more integrated, lighting products is no exception, but the quality of the produce is not at the same level.
Average household environment lighting (e.g., hanging lamp), is not conducive to read closer; close reading of the lighting (such as a desk lamp), is not conducive to carry; Portable mobile lighting (such as a flashlight), is not conducive to put and special environment.
Is there one creative lamp that can be suitable for different environment and applied to wide range of fields?
The TOPFIRE’s chief designer, Johannes Axe,from Northern Europe,lead the team into three years of careful study, combining the fashion of household design and the practicability of industrial design, creating a new category in the lamps : a real multi-purpose and fashionable lighting - T - light!
For the appearance, streamlined design, modern, fashion, strong. For the Purposes, indoor, outdoor, follow one's inclinations, crossover used in family, go out at night, camping, high-grade automotive gifts, exploration, military training, police patrols, frontier defense, sea (land) exploration, rescue and so on.
You can feel the personality of its brand from the style、the R&D、advertising、terminal marketing and so on. In the future, people will recognize the personality of “Sincerity and Simplicity” and agree the value of “Practical and Creative” when hearing our brand and take our products
It, have the performance: environmental protection, energy saving, super long standby time, is not restricted by environment, and wonderful performance of waterproof ,resistance to fall ,to low temperature.
T - light ,is on the practical ideas, the brand idea of "the supremacy of light", make the lamps more perfect and simple, make the lighting more follow one's inclinations!
The same product, condenses all of the different light; The same kind of light source, creating a unique value!