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How to stand out form the crowd of so many lamps on the market?How to show our advantages?
As same as our products, we also create the brand personality.
Let’s go back to the start and think over the value of lamps.The value of lamps is from the light.
Compared with other flaring products on the market, our products are more practical. The high value of the light is applied in every aspect to provide people with the basic lighting needs.
Compared with other practical products on the market, our products pay more about creation. We aim to make the people feel the fun and fashion about the light, a kind of special light.
So, it is not only practical, but also creative, which is the special points our products show. Accordingly, our brand is build on this basis.
Topfire is an aspiring and creative brand. It is back to the original of the light, stands for the best of light; while “both practical and creative” isn’t it the best of light?
You can feel the personality of its brand from the style、the R&D、advertising、terminal marketing and so on. In the future, people will recognize the personality of “Sincerity and Simplicity” and agree the value of “Practical and Creative” when hearing our brand and take our products
This personality coincides with Nordic Design.
Up to the highest value with extreme creation.
The birth of Topfire The starting of the world-Supreme Light
It is from one night lost adventure.
At the time, he traveled to the Northern Europe, when he arrived at the frontier town ,he sank into desolate silence of darkness. Then he began to run for seeking the weak light in the distance but the light is far from him. Suddenly, he lighted up the only light source on his body-one box of matches and hold it to forward. The violent c old wind, no any human there, no any plants there, the matches will be run out of and he felt be hungry and cold, very hard to move, almost be dizzy. All of a sudden, he saw one light, two light, three light, four light, five light in the distance and found out the fishing light of the fisher, the car light of drivers, the candle lamp of the host in the castle, the lighter of the workers….They told him there were many strayers there and they help them to find the light. For them, light is supreme.
He thanked the light for its kindness. Light gave people safety sense. Also, he thought more about the light: One light can be applied in different fields. Very crazy!
The geographical location makes the local residents face the darkness for years, so the local residents kept the original love and treasure about the light. He felt moved for this: the same light can provide the people with different feelings.
After ten years, he went to the every corner of the world and capture the light all the way, learn the light, study the light to draw all creative thinking of the light.
n 2002,he set up the Tongyong Hardware Industrail CO.,LTD and Topfire Brand, committed to researching and production of LED multi-purposed light, LED emergency light, LED flashlight, LED outdoor light, parts, etc.
TOPFIRE is from two words,“TOP”and “FIRE(fire means warmth)”, stand for “the supreme light ”、“the top warmth the brand founder have”.
Product orientation: real multi-purpose led fashionable lighting
Creation: Original designed by the Nordic designer, leading to the new fashion of multi-purpose led lamps.
Multi-purpose: Applied in a wide range of fields, like home and outdoor. Cross-border application. Follow your bent.
Multiple protection: Samsung lithium ion battery, ultra-long standby time 120days,waterproof,shockproof and resistance of low temperature.